We provide laundry for the hire of continuous roller towel, wipes and various other industrial laundry requirements.

When working in workplaces that are highly susceptible to a large amount of greases, oils and other contaminants, it is imperative that you source your towels and wipes from a supplier who is able to deliver a hygienic solution that minimizes waste and risk in the workplace.

Continuous Roller Towel

We are able to provide you with both continuous roller towel as well as a CRT dispenser that ensures correct delivery of a hygienic cotton towel when required. Research has shown that continuous roller towel is up to 50% more effective in removing bacteria than paper towel and/or electric hand dryers. Features and benefits of continuous roller towel include:/p>

  • Most hygienic method of removing bacteria from hands and face.
  • Cloth is up to 4 times more absorbent than paper towel.
  • No paper towel litter and removal expenses.
  • Environmentally-friendly and no-waste solution.
  • Lower capital investment than other solutions.

Industrial Wipes

Having a quality supply or reusable wipes can help to save on replenishment expenses and ensure that you always have a regular supply of industrial wipes when you need them. Our range of industrial wipes is 100% cotton which makes them the most absorbent, durable and effective wipes to use for industrial workplaces. By sourcing wipes from a reputable supplier, you are also able to ensure consistency of size, shapes and materials to avoid wastage.

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