We provide workwear laundry services for a large-range of industrial, corporate, hospitality, medical and other businesses. We provide options for both hired goods and customer own goods (COG).

Having your workwear supplied by a laundry that provides a fast and professional service is crucial to ensuring that your business or organisation is presented in a clean and professional manner. Whether you are using hired goods or supplying your own, Laundry King are able to ensure regular pick-up and delivery in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner.

Industrial Workwear

We provide a range of workwear for industrial businesses that is able to meet varying workplace standards and requirements to suit. Our available-for-hire range includes items in a variety of sizes, colours and specifications. We are also able to offer embroidery and other custom services to meet your needs. Items that are available for hire and laundry include:

  • Lightweight and Heavyweight Overalls
  • Work Trousers, Shirts etc.
  • UV Workwear
  • High-Visibility Workwear
  • Reflective Tape Workwear
  • Flame-retardent Workwear

Hospitality Workwear

Our range of hospitality workwear is designed to meet all applicable health and safety guidelines that are required in both the manufacturing of food as well as restaurant and other hospitality workplaces. Items that are available for hire and laundry in our hospitality range include:

  • Chefs Uniforms
  • Front-of-house Uniform
  • Kitchen Linen

Medical Workwear

When working in the medical field, it is of the upmost importance that your laundry service caters to your specific needs. Laundry King are able to adhere to a strict laundry code to ensure that your laundry is sanitised and washed in a manner that avoids cross-contamination and meets the AS/NZS 4146:2000 standard.

  • Male/Female Scrubs
  • Warm up Jackets
  • Patient Gowns

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